Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

Open Doors strives to make a direct impact in the greater Norwalk area by guiding every person in the cycle of homelessness towards housing stability.

Our Vision

We will engage every person at risk of, and experiencing, homelessness with a holistic set of tools and resources that can be tailored to their individual needs.

Our Values

As a champion for those in need, Open Doors and all of its employees and partners have a responsibility to ensure all clients have a path to success. This is achieved through a core belief system that acts as the foundation of the organization’s culture.

SAFETY: We provide a reliable haven, both in structure and in resources, to help the community’s most vulnerable find their way to something better. By creating a safe environment, we allow our clients the space and support to focus on their future.

DIGNITY: Every single individual who walks through our doors will be treated as a person that matters, and will be shown the respect they deserve.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We know that empowering our clients to own their own successes is the best way to support them on their journey.

Our role is to be a guide and help them accomplish their goals, and we seek partners who uphold the same ideals.