Kids/Baby Items

New underwear and socks Hats, scarves, mittens/gloves (seasonal) Shoes Boots Diapers Pull-Ups Coloring books Puzzles for very young(4-12 pieces) Thermometers Band Aids Wipes Spill proof sippy cups Night lights Electrical outlet protective safety covers


Personal Supplies Individual-sized soap Disposable razors Shaving cream Toothbrushes and toothpaste Deodorant (spray preferred) Skin cream/lotion Athlete’s foot powder/spray Hydrogen peroxide New combs Brushes Non-alcoholic mouthwash Small jars of Vaseline Feminine Hygiene Products Bath and shower shoes(flip-flops) School Supplies Pens Pencils Remedial workbooks (writing, reading) Writing pads Writing paper Books Fiction and non-fiction books Children’s …

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Counseling/Case Work

Every guest of Open Doors receives counseling and case-work services. Treating each person on an individual basis, our professional staff acts to determine the underlying reason why the person has come to require the services of the shelter, and then formulates a plan of action designed to help them move from emergency shelter into homes …

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Open Doors’ kitchen serves three meals a day to members of the community and shelter residents in need of hot food. Anyone is welcome to share a meal with us, and the kitchen helps provide people with a sense of community and is an entry point for people who may need additional assistance. Our food …

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Open Doors offers two types of housing. Our emergency shelter provides overnight and short-term shelter for those who have no viable options for themselves or their family. We also offer affordable and supportive apartments for those who have an income but are unable to afford market level rental rates. We seek to avoid chronic homelessness …

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John F. Erdmann III – Term ends 2023 President Nancy Meany – Term ends 2023 Vice-President Kersten Rivas – Term ends 2023 Secretary Robert Genuario – Term ends 2021 Treasurer DIRECTORS Jon Beyman – Term ends 2021 Barbara Blasso Chiamulera – Term ends 2022 Martin A. Buccolo, Ph.D – Term ends 2022 William Burnham – …

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Frank Concepcion

Frank Concepcion is the Director of Operations. He is responsible for the direction of facilities management at the the shelter, Smilow Life Center, and supportive apartments as well as the Open Doors kitchen and pantry. Frank has over 30 years of experience in Human Services. He is passionate about serving the needy. or 203-866-1057 …

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