High School Heros: How Feeding 500 Darien is Making an Impact in Fairfield County

Homelessness is a problem that plagues many communities, but in Fairfield County, a group of high school students is doing something about it through Feeding 500. Feeding 500 is a volunteer, high school student-run organization that works with the Norwalk-based Open Doors.  Their mission is to prevent homelessness through monetary, food and clothing donations.

[…] Since last August, Feeding 500 Darien has raised more than $16,000 and donated over 1,050 pounds of food to the Open Doors pantry.

This organization is strong in more than just numbers, however. When asked why they participate in Feeding 500 outside of resumé building, the executive board spoke of its value as an opportunity to meet new people, connect with their community and fill a need in a city right next to them. Additional pros include  include the opportunity it provides to overcome challenges similar to ones they might face in future careers. For example, as they reach out to local businesses and others for support, it’s not uncommon to be brushed off. Feeding 500 Darien has learned to clearly articulate ideas and persevere and is grateful for how supportive Darien residents, businesses and organizations have been  of their efforts.

“This is a group fueled by the vibrant spirit of high school students who are making a profound impact on our community,” said Maria Davis, development and donor relations manager at Open Doors.

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