NCHS Junior Launches ‘Fashion Forward’ To Collect Prom Dresses for Open Doors in Norwalk

Last year, [Adelaide] Tuff held a clothing drive for the Open Doors “Community Closet,” a free store where families in need can shop for seasonal clothing, shoes and household necessities. She led an effort to collect 45 large bags of clothing—about 1,500 items for the Community Closet.

This year, Tuff—who is interested in fashion—has a more specific goal in mind: Provide teens who use the Community Closet with prom dresses in an effort she has dubbed ‘Fashion Forward.’

“I had the tour of Open Doors maybe two years ago now and I realized while I was there that there was not much clothing that would appeal to teenagers these days. And people in my high school obviously have a lot of resources to wear the clothes that they feel good in and want to express themselves with, so I wanted to be able to give other high schoolers the opportunity to wear clothes that they want to express themselves in. Clothes that they feel good and comfortable in.”

Sign up at to donate a prom dress to Open Doors through NCHS junior Adelaide Tuff’s ‘Fashion Forward’ project.


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