Open Doors an integral Norwalk partner: Mayor Harry Rilling

I take great pride in Norwalk, not only as Mayor, but as someone who was born and raised here. Over the years, I have seen progress and growth in our city firsthand. Jobs, economic development, tourism, and a top-tier public school system. Norwalk has much to offer and is a place to live, work, and play.

Norwalk, like any major city, has its challenges. We continue to see a need for shelter and job training for people who need help getting back on their feet. The city’s new Community Services Department will help and partner with local nonprofits who are doing transformational work. One of those organizations is right here in Norwalk and continues to lead the way.

Open Doors Shelter is more than just a place for those who cannot afford a home or rent. It provides job training, access to health care, and hope to those in need. Most recently, they opened a children’s resource center to help with after-school tutoring. Open Doors Shelter also provides 48 supportive and affordable apartments for our community, having added 24 additional apartments in the last two years. Nearly 600 members of our community have taken advantage of its job training center, and more have participated in the financial workshops and continuing education classes.

Open Doors provides basic daily needs services, including hundreds of thousands of hot meals, case management, treatment services, and clothing. I appreciate all they do for residents who are in-need and can use a helping hand.

Open Doors, like the many nonprofits in our city, are integral partners in making Norwalk a great place to call home. It takes a village to raise a family and all members of our community are part of that family. When our residents succeed we all succeed.

The work is not done, but thanks to Open Doors Shelter, and places like it, we are on track to make Norwalk an even better place to live.

Harry Rilling is mayor of Norwalk.